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April 18th, 2017

Attack the Gap–New Immunotherapy May Help the Body Fight Ovarian Cancer

By Nicole Brudos Ferrara nicoleferrara

It was only when Kathi Schroeder took to the bone-chilling streets of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on her bike last January that she noticed something was not right. “I was having trouble breathing; just taking a deep breath was difficult,” she remembers. Kathi went to her local doctor’s office and was prescribed a round of antibiotics […]

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Tags: cancer vaccine, clinical trials, Dr. Matthew Block, Kathi Schroeder, ovarian cancer, TH17

October 27th, 2016

“The Pill” associated with better ovarian cancer outcomes

By Elizabeth Zimmermann Young elizabethzimmermann

If a woman takes oral contraceptives, it provides not only reduced risk of developing ovarian cancer, but also better outcomes if she does get this deadly cancer. “Multiple studies from a variety of sources have indicated that oral contraceptives are associated with a reduced risk of ovarian cancer, one of the most deadly cancers in […]

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Tags: Aminah Jatoi, Mayo Clinic Cancer Center, ovarian cancer

September 13th, 2016

What is stopping patients from enrolling in clinical trials?

By meghanknoedler meghanknoedler

Clinical trials are the mechanism through which new and promising therapies for safe, effective cancer treatment ultimately become available.  Not only do trials help identify new or best-practice therapeutic treatment options, but the act of participating in a trial has been shown to actually improve survival. One of the most promising areas of research to […]

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Tags: Cancer Research, Carmen Radecki-Breitkopf, Center for the Science of Health Care Delivery, clinical trials, CSHCD, immunotherapy, Kern Center, ovarian cancer, virotherapy

September 1st, 2009

Mayo scores another SPORE


No, this isn’t about the spores you learned about in high school biology. This is the highly regarded grant from the National Cancer Institute. It stands for Specialized Program for Research Excellence and with this one, for ovarian cancer research, comes $11.5 million.  The principal investigator is co-director of the Women’s Cancer Program in Mayo’s […]

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Tags: cancer, National Cancer Institute, ovarian cancer, SPORE

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