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Thu, Mar 23 8:00am · This diet’s for you: personalized nutrition to improve your health

Article by Sharon Rosen You may use the phrase “gut reaction” to describe what your instincts tell you about a particular situation. But it turns out that your gut offers much more than an emotional reaction – it processes food [...]

Thu, May 4 8:00am · Precision care for heart disease - a practical approach

Article by Sharon Rosen Heart disease can sometimes be a silent killer. Many of us know seemingly healthy people who’ve suddenly or unexpectedly had a heart attack. It can be shocking when people who are at a a healthy weight and exercise regularly die from heart disease that they [...]

Thu, Apr 27 8:00am · Developing new tests to find and defeat cancer at its earliest stages

Mammography and other screening tools have made great strides in finding cancer early, when it is most likely to be successfully treated. However, some early-stage cancers are missed by conventional screening and are only detected when symptoms occur. Mayo Clinic and other research institutions are wondering: could a [...]

Thu, Mar 16 8:00am · Using genetic testing to transform care for neurological disorders

Article by Sharon Rosen   Our nervous system is made up of complex biological pathways that control everything we do, including breathing, thinking, speaking, moving and feeling. For patients suffering from a neurological disorder such as Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, nerve pain (neuropathy) and dementia, the [...]

Tue, Apr 4 8:00am · Exploring the link between the gut and multiple sclerosis

Article by Sharon Rosen Could the bacteria in a person’s digestive system provide a clue about whether he or she may develop multiple sclerosis? This is a question that Mayo Clinic researchers asked when trying to unravel the causes of multiple sclerosis, a potentially debilitating condition that [...]

Tue, Mar 28 8:00am · Next generation sequencing – a game changer

Article by Sharon Rosen Imagine scanning a page for errors manually one letter at a time, versus using a faster tool like spell check. That’s the difference between the first DNA sequencing methods and the new computerized machines known as next generation sequencing. It’s revolutionizing health care. Next [...]
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