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Medical Genomics is an increasing part of the biosciences

It was only a decade ago that people were asking us how to pronounce "genomics."  I kid you not. Media had questioned the usefulness of the human genome without asking the right questions of the right organizations. Today the application of a the wide-ranging benefits of genomic knowledge is occupying [...]

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University of Minnesota and Rochester Headline BIO Gathering

International researchers, company executives and government leaders networked for three hours as part of the Minnesota reception, kicking off the weeklong BIO 2014 conference in San Diego this week. The close association among private and public entities in the state always seems to be of interest to people. Mayo Clinic, [...]

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Mayo and MInnesota Talk Research at BIO 2014

The San Diego Convention Center looks like the United Nations this week, but the common language is bioscience. BIO 2014 is in full swing, with roughly 17,000 people in the building. That’s my estimate; others vary. The Minnesota pavilion is showcasing the bioscience industries in the state as well as [...]

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