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June 10th, 2009

Bariatric and Broken Bones


Mayo Clinic has always taken a reasoned approach to bariatric surgery as a treatment for obesity. Only a fraction of those seeking the procedure qualify and everyone undergoes a psychological profile. Now there is more information that may prompt some to think twice about it. Mayo researchers have shown there is an increased risk for breaking your bones after bariatric surgery. Reuters is reporting it internationally, but U.S. media seem to be quiet on the news despite our best efforts. 

Drs. Clowes and Haglind let the findings be known in Washington today at the Endocrine Society. [See more on the Mayo News Blog.]  This may also be another important aspect for surgical candidates in their decision-making process. This study reflects 20 years of cases and shows the risk of broken bones doubles compared to those not having the procedure. While the costs/benefits of any treatment is an individual decision based on a unique set of factors, we think this news is worth considering -- and knowing about.

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