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June 12th, 2009

Splendid Table meets NEAT – or Lynne Rosetto Kasper visits Mayo


I've been working with  Jim Levine, M.D., Ph.D. (Mayo endocrinologist and activity advocate) for over five years now and not since his live interview with Diane Sawyer have I had an experience as I did when Lynne Rosetto Kapsper of the Splendid Table visited his lab at Mayo recently. Both are exuberant experts in their respective fields -- good food and obesity. You might think this would end up in a Tong war, but the rapport was infectious.  Lynne and her producers kept up with him as he provided a tour of the NEAT lab and introduced most of his staff. Needless to say, the famous cookbook author got a close look at the nutritional kitchen and much more in the Endocrine Research Unit. What was really neat (sorry) was how they hit it off. She began her interview on one of his treadmill desks and didn't stop moving until I led her out the front door, hours later. The segment airs this weekend on more than 200 public radio stations across the country. If you miss it or can't find it in your area, here's the web link.

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