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June 18th, 2009

Mayo at the Mall of America


It's one thing for the a clinic to open up in the local shopping mall -- this is a bit different.  By now you've probably heard that Mayo Clinic will be launching a presence in the Mall of America, that internationally-known mega mall in Minnesota. What's this have to do with research? Nothing directly, other than where Mayo goes, so goes the awareness and corresponding benefits of its research findings. While the specific of Mayo's presence will be announced over coming months, the thousands who pass through that venue annually will also learn that this institution is far more than simply an excellent tertiary treatment center. It's a fact that Mayo receives the most federal medical research dollars in Minnesota. It's also a fact that we train medical scientists as well as physicians. I could go on. The point is that location is still important and hanging a shingle in the mall makes Mayo -- and its research leadership -- that much more visible. Stay tuned.

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