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June 23rd, 2009

Discovery's Edge story makes global news


The summer issue of Discovery's Edge, Mayo Clinic's research magazine, published an unusual lead story last week. Urology researchers at Mayo are seeing dramatic results with a new experimental antibody in combating some of the most aggressive and deadly forms of prostate cancer (see the news release). Three patients have left the clinical trial,  undergone surgery and are now free of cancer. All three were previously inoperable. Investigators and surgeons were skeptical, until they saw what happened to these three men. Because of the profound changes they witnessed, the investigators opted to do this story - before publishing their findings in a peer reviewed journal. Two abstracts were submitted and accepted for conference presentations on the work, including one recently at ASCO - the American Society of Clinical Oncology)  but work has only just begun on a manuscript. It says something about the significance of the findings that veteran researchers are taking this step to communicate. As I've been telling journalists this week, this is unusual; but then the findings and the clinical potential is unusual as well. Men who had had no other treatment options are now cancer free and are back leading normal lives. The next phase clinical trial is being planned. Meanwhile, media around the world have reported the story.

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