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September 17th, 2009

Fall Issue – Discovery's Edge


Four new features plus, from Mayo's research magazine:

Data Mining to Redesign Critical Care Services

Using informatics, epidemiology, systems engineering and in-depth medical-record studies, this groundbreaking work is improving patient safety in ICUs and significantly cutting the cost of health care. It’s all part of Mayo’s continuing innovation in the Science of Health Care Delivery. 

Zebrafish Genetics

Molecular biologists are using the zebrafish to investigate new treatments for cancer and nicotine addiction, and as a foundational way to get students excited about science.

Diabetes and Heart Damage – an iPS Cell Approach

Building on recent discoveries in converting normal cells into cells with stem cell characteristics, Mayo researchers are exploring the potential of iPSC’s or induced pluripotent stem cells in regenerating organs. Among the goals: alleviate heart damage and Type 1 diabetes. 

Brain Cancer: Angling for its Origins

What causes brain tumors? Using statistics from Mayo’s enormous patient databases, genetics researchers are learning how genetic mutations and environmental triggers increase the risk of developing brain cancer. 

Changing Science Education
— one school, 18 teachers and a couple thousand zebrafish at a time

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