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December 22nd, 2009

Discovery's Edge — 2 issues at once


We didn't plan it this way, but because the print edition of Mayo's research magazine appears twice a year and the online version is quarterly, we have the neat situation of publishing twice the number of science stories this season. Here is the rundown for the online features:

Deep Brain Stimulation - It Boggles the Mind
How a Mayo research team of physicians, scientists and engineers are extending treatments for neurological conditions.

Osteoporosis in Men
Brittle bones, breaks and complications – it happens to men as well and in some cases, with more severe results.

Combat Injuries – Regenerating the Nerves
From the battlefield to the laboratory, Mayo researchers are spearheading nerve regeneration research to help combat vets.

Multiple Myeloma and the Genome
A collaborative and team approach aimed at one of the worst types of cancer.

The Spotlight marks the anniversary of Mayo researchers’ role in the fight against tuberculosis in the 1940s.

Our print issue, which we will send you at no cost if you subscribe, includes 30 pages of full color art and images about Mayo research teams and related news. To subscribe to either the print or online version (or both)  go to the Discovery's Edge home page.

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