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June 15th, 2010

Mayo Researchers Test Climbers on Himalaya Expedition


Mike Horn Himalaya Expedition

The Mayo research team that featured in so many posts on this blog earlier in the year is at it again. This time Dr. Bruce Johnson's lab has teamed up with world famous mountain climber and adventurer Mike Horn. One of Horn's many projects is a climbing school for young people from around the world. On this expedition are 20 people including 8 young adults from the Young Explorer's Program. They are tackling a "virgin" mountain -  one not yet named. Along on the climb is the Johnson physiology team, taking altitude reaction readings and other metrics as the group makes its way upward. The Mayo group is featured in this latest video direct from the mountain in Pakistan. Speaking from the Mayo team are Andrew Miller and the fellow with the Scots accent is Dr. Bryan Taylor.

To see the video Himalaya Expedition- Mayo Clinic Test go here.

The Mayo team is supported back at the lab by Dr. Johnson, Kathy O'Malley, and Alex Kasak.  The Mayo effort is made possible by an educational and research grant from the Gonda Family .

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