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July 27th, 2010

Two new issues of Discovery's Edge


As many of you know, Mayo's research magazine, Discovery's Edge, publishes online four times a year and the print edition publishes twice a year, winter and summer. So that means we have two different (mostly different) science mags going out at the same time. And who can't use more medical science? The online issue has stories on Alzheimer's research, Celiac disease, vaccine research at Mayo, and - in a shared story with it's sister edition - a feature on research conducted by Mayo's medical helicopter flight crews. No, I'm not exaggerating, Mayo One crews have been publishing peer reviewed research articles for nearly 15 years. They're now testing new night vision goggles, among other advancements.

Our new print issue features Mayo's extreme physiology expedition to Argentina's Mt. Aconcagua, Deep Brain Stimulation, Molecular Breast Imaging, and a new mouse model for multiple myeloma.  If you'd like a copy, email us at

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