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August 26th, 2010

Mayo Cancer Center Launches Magazine


Research has been integral to Mayo Clinic for over a century, but never has it been more exciting.  Mayo Clinic is home to many world renowned researchers — including those dedicated to cancer — who discover new findings daily.  To help showcase some of this research, Mayo Clinic Cancer Center recently published its innaugural issue of Forefront, its annual print magazine. The publication targets peer investigators, policymakers and benefactors. This issue includes feature stories on:

  • My Very Own Prescription - Personal differences, based on genetic variation, have led to the possible replacement of a prominent breast cancer medication
  • Therapy in Action - Development of molecular imaging could offer a quick, clear view of treatment's biological impact on cancer
  • Attack on Command - Genetic engineering can tame viruses and direct their ability to destroy cancer cells, creating new possibilities to treat the untreatable
  • Digging Deep - Researchers are mining the mysterious human genome to find traces of the causes of various cancers
  • Outreach to the Underserved - Why is America's increasing diversity accompanied by alarming disparities in the incidence and treatment of cancer?
  • Self-Defense Training - A potential vaccine for breast cancer instructs the immune system to fight back against tumor-promoting molecules

Get a sneak peek of Forefront.

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