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October 8th, 2010

"Minnesota is Taking on Diabetes. Come join us."


"That's what this is about," said Dr. Bob Rizza this week as we discussed plans for the Decade of Discovery news briefing. His simple statement was both comprehensive and profound. People have since asked, "Which one? Type 1 or Type 2?" Answer: Both. Or, others with more than a polite dose of skepticism have said,"That's a rather ambitious goal."  Yes, it is.   Doctors and, especially, scientists are conservative folk. They qualify almost everything they say. Here's the extent of the qualification in this case: " optimally treat and ultimately cure diabetes."  Watch for it. He repeated it again to host Kerri Miller on Thursday when interviewed on Minnesota Public Radio's Mid Morning program. Here, you can listen to the broadcast. The cliches have been uttered. The line has been drawn in the sand. The stake is in the ground.

A woman listening to yesterday's broadcast with her young son heard what sounded like hopeful news, but she wasn't sure. She emailed me to make sure. Her six year old boy with Type 1 diabetes wanted to know if Dr. Rizza was including his disease in this plan. Yes.  Everyone is included. We don't want to leave out anyone. This is about science and discovery and optimal care and best medical practices. But mostly it's about hope.

Scientists will be finalizing their group plans, projects and goals for the first phases of the research over the next several weeks. Watch the website for updates and more details.

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