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October 19th, 2010

Hockey concussions – check out NY Times blog


Today they're talking research here with the help of more international experts and a fair number of reporters, as well. Concussions have been in the news lately, no matter what sport. Mayo's Sports Medicine folks are focusing on hockey at this session, though a lot of the findings are transferable. And, as I always argued, some of the best reporting is done by sports writers. People are here from Canada and the U.S., including the NY Times hockey writer Jeff Z. Klein, who is now on his fourth or fifth blog post. The goal is to arrive at some evidence-based guidelines that teams, leagues, parents, schools...can use to build a safer way forward with the sport. If you like hockey or not, this is worth looking into, as it has far reaching benefits. Follow Jeff Klein at Slapshot.

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Simone Fortier

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Thank you for bringing awareness to the impact of concussions on athletes, children. Concussions can be life changing. I look forward many more articles and research in this area. Treatment does need to be addressed. Concussion patients need to know that there are resources such as Cranial Sacral Therapy and Vestibular Treatment can bring great relief.

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