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January 5th, 2011

Mayo News "Eyed" by Most on Medscape


Keith Baratz, M.D.

Medscape, the online news source for medical specialists, has told us that an article on research by Keith Baratz, M.D, and colleagues was one of the most read by people in the field of ophthalmology visiting their site in 2010. In fact, the story written by Fran Lowry came in second of all the Medscape news read by those registered as eye specialists. The piece, "Antiviral Treatment Thwarts Recurring Eye Problems from Herpes Simplex" is based on a paper published in the Archives of Ophthalmology in September. While it's clearly a topic of interest these days, it's also indicative of the level of research going on among Mayo ophthalmologists.  Dr. Baratz was senior author; others included Ryan Young, medical statistician David Hodge, and Thomas Liesegang, M.D., of Mayo. The research, based on a generation of cases in Olmsted County, Minnesota, was sponsored by Mayo Clinic and Research to Prevent Blindness.

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