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January 17, 2012

Decade of Discovery featured on Minnesota Public Radio


UPDATE:  MPR is hosting a live web chat with Mayo's Dr. Robert Rizza along with experts from the University of Minnesota today at 1pm Central Time. Here is the link to join the conversation with reporter Lorna Benson and some of the top diabetes specialists in the state:

Public radio medical correspondent Lorna Benson's long-awaited 5-part series The Burden of Diabetes airs this week throughout Minnesota. Not only does she effectively cover the risks related to this growing health problem, she delves into the research that's happening in the state to stop the disease. The Decade of Discovery - the initiative of Mayo Clinic and the University of Minnesota - is featured in the second segment, but scientists and physicians from both institutions are mentioned and interviewed throughout the five-day run, including Drs. Betsey Seaquist and Victor Montori, the co-leaders of the Decade of Discovery. For me, the series really sets out why Minnesota is especially positioned to take on diabetes. Many in the state don't realize that Mayo and the University are leaders in this research area and are making advances on multiple fronts.  For anyone interested in the progress on diabetes, the realistic hope for a cure, and the impacts on our population and economy, this is required listening (or reading, as all scripts are posted as well with a series of slide shows).

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