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April 17, 2012

From Rochester to Abu Dhabi


Autographing the banner

Mayo Clinic On Everest- Plus 1 -   Mayo's Everest Expedition team left Minnesota yesterday with a warm sendoff from friends, family and media. Sporting new haircuts and Mayo baseball caps, they posed for cameras, did interviews and signed the expedition banner which they will take with them to Base Camp. We'll have more images over the next few days. Check out the feature on the youngest team member, Alex Kasak, by his hometown TV station in Austin, MN. The reporting has begun already, with Joel Streed sending back the first message via Twitter this morning:

joelstreed <!/joelstreed>  and the #mayoclinic <!/search/%23mayoclinic>  team has arrived in Abu Dhabi… on to Kathmandu in the a.m. before going #oneverest <!/search/%23oneverest

Joel, Bryan and Amine


Dr. Doug Summerfield accepts a flag from American Airlines staffer to place on Everest

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