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April 28, 2012

Dispatch from the Field 4-27-28 (a little late due to no connectivity)


The day started with some tough decisions, a few members of the group have been struggling with symptoms of altitude sickness… things like nausea, fatigue, as well as GI problems... enough to consider sending the worst down to a lower altitude, staying an extra day at Pheriche, or splitting the group with the healthiest heading on to Lobuche.  As it turned out, all members felt well enough to hit the trail.  Partially at play was a relatively short day, with just over a thousand meters of climbing and even a few stretches of flat walking.

Click here to watch a short video clip of the trek.

But there were also back and forth changes in the weather.  We started off with relatively warm and sunny conditions, but as we climbed the winds picked up while the temperatures grew chillier.  You throw on another layer and trudge onward.  After awhile you hit another valley and the sun reappears and the warmth returns and you find yourself shedding layers to avoid sweating too much knowing that it’s probably going to cool down again over the next hill and the thing you don’t want to do is be sweaty and cold!  What really pushes us on is knowing that our goal, base camp is just a day beyond today’s stop, Lobuche.

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