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April 28, 2012

Dispatch from the Field 4-28-12


From Joel Streed, Mayo Clinic News Network

After more than a week of trekking, the Mayo Clinic team arrived at its destination of the Mount Everest base camp.  The arrival was a little tempered in that the team had decided to split into two groups prior to making the final push on to base camp.  With lingering illness, it was decided that the rest of the group would follow on Saturday.

For the group that did arrive early, Saturday was a day to get things set up.  Space was cleared and leveled on the glacier for the research tents and then the equipment was unpacked and put in order.

The previous night was somewhat un-restful for the group as they got accustomed to the noises of basecamp, such as rock falls and avalanches… none of which were of any threat, but still it took some time to get used to it.  Something else that took getting used to was the change in temperatures. While we had experienced chilly weather previously, things were taken to new heights, or rather new lows and some snow.  Everyone was bundled up with the sleeping bags pulled up tight for the night.  Anything liquid not tucked into the sleeping bag was frozen the next morning!

Tomorrow the routine begins as we begin our medical testing.

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