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April 29, 2012

Dispatch from the Field (4-29-12)


Climber Cory Richards, who is resting safely in hospital, wanted us to clarify that his illness was not altitude sickness, but a diagnosis is still forthcoming. Updates on his situation will come first on the National Geographic site. 

After yesterday's disappointing news about Cory's evacuation, the team turned its focus to the job at hand, the testing that we came here to complete.

But as you might expect at extreme altitude and in some very unforgiving weather conditions, the equipment wasn't necessarily ready to cooperate.  But the research team wasn't about to let that slow them down too much.

In the photo below, Alex Kasak prepares to draw blood from Dr. Bruce Johnson.

It's an agressive schedule to try to run all the Mayo staff as well as the folks from The North Face and National Geographic through the paces, but it's going well.  And hopefully, with a little inginuity, we'll be able to get all the equipment working.

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