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May 2, 2012

Base Camp research plans


From Bruce Johnson, Ph.D.

Bruce Johnson

Very limited access to email, but all is well, the team is healthy and the study going great.  Lots of winds, evacuations; the glacier we are camped on has moved about 5 feet since we first arrived.  You can hear it cracking like ice fishing on a Minnesota lake.  We will exit the area about the same time the climbers head back up for a training run. They are still waiting for Sherpas to set the ropes for the main courses to the top. Testing takes about 6 hours or so a day and we run some equipment on generators and solar. We wait for the tents to heat up a little to start the day.  Temps change rapidly and the key to sleeping at night is to fill your water bottles with boiling water and take them into the bags with you.  We will be doing a little trek to the icefalls tomorrow to test some North Face prototypes and then meet up with the medical crew up here.

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