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May 5, 2012

Dispatch from the Field 5-5-12


From Joel Streed, Mayo Clinic News Network

Not even a fresh coating of snow could slow the team down this morning as they began what looks to be the last day of field testing.

Dr. Amine Issa undergoing testing with Alex Kasak

With the climbers in a holding mode, waiting for conditions to improve on the mountain there’s really no new data to be pulled from them. And with our two research subjects from The North Face getting ready to leave base camp, it looks like our team will be leaving a few days early as well.

So today was a long day of running everyone through the paces before packing began. We arrived with over 600 kilos of equipment packed into 10 large cases and a number of other large duffle bags, and that doesn’t include personal gear.

The hope is to finish up packing in the morning and then begin a 3-day trek back to Lukla and catching a flight to Kathmandu. Hopefully we’ll be able to update along the way.

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