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May 16, 2012

Everest Ascent planned for 25th


National Geographic and North Face have announced the decision to abandon the planned ascent on the West Ridge of Everest due to bad conditions. Conrad Anker, head of the expedition, hopes to climb with the team going up the Southeast Ridge. That group will leave base camp on the 21st, hoping to summit on the 25th or 26th. Read the National Geographic news release. The climbing team continues to wear the monitoring devices from Mayo Clinic and data recorded and stored in their memory caches will provide our researchers with metrics from the ascent.

The Mayo team is resting and readjusting to sea level. Not everyone is back at work or on campus here yet. My colleague Joel Streed walked in this morning looking tan and ten pounds lighter. We'll ask him to share his impressions here once he's re-acclimated to the office.

One local news outlet managed to catch Dr. Johnson picking up gear shortly after the return.



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