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September 28, 2012

Advancing the Science home for upcoming Individualizing Medicine Conference


This is your home base for insights into what will be happening at next week's Individualizing Medicine conference at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. From October 1st through the 3rd, experts in genomics will be explaining how the new science is now and  will be impacting medical practices all over the country. Over 500 physicians, health care providers, researchers, and media will be attending the presentations and panel discussions. They are coming from 22 states and several foreign countries. I'll be blogging from the presentations and from the one public event -- a media panel and discussion to be held Tuesday evening at 7pm central time. That event will be streamed live here on Advancing the Science. Hosted by NPR's Ira Flatow, the session "Great Expectations: Making Informed Decisions in Individualized Medicine" will focus on the perceptions and realities of genomics in patient care. Viewers may submit questions during the event to  Panelists include:

If you are a journalist, be sure to sign in at the Mayo Clinic News Network to follow the full proceedings of the conference.

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