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October 2, 2013

Tweeting on Individualized Medicine


SRO at the Mayo-ABC Twitter chat

Perhaps it was the topic - translating individualized medicine and what it means for medicine. Maybe it was the positive mood of the conference attendees here in Rochester. Whatever it was, it seemed to infect the noon Twitter chat held by Mayo's External Relations group...along with the Personalized Medicine Coalition in Washington, and hosted by Dr. Richard Besser, back at his desk at ABC News in New York. About half of those you see at the laptops are Mayo doctors, most taking their first stab at Tweeting. Response and participation was great: over 1,000 Tweets, over 200 participants, and more then 5 million accounts reached.

Tags: Center for Individualized Medicine, Events, individualized medicine, Innovations, People, personalized medicine, Progress Updates

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