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September 10, 2014

Mayo Clinic and Karolinska Institutet Celebrate 20 years

By Robert Nellis


It's been two decades since researchers from Mayo began annual scientific meetings with their counterparts at Karolinska, which is one of the top medical universities in Europe and the world. Beginning with investigators studying  metabolism issues, the relationship grew to include educational exchanges, many other medical disciplines and even organizational and planning sessions. Upwards of 80 delegates are arriving from Stockholm for two days of seminars, presentations and group meetings this week in Rochester. Heading the delegation will be Karolinska's president and vice chancellor, Dr. Anders Hemsten.

Mayo and Karolinska find that they speak the same language - and I don't mean English. It's the ultimate interest in finding answers for patients and educating the future physicians and researchers who will continue the work. They are focused on a humanitarian mission, have a global perspective, and an ever present goal of excellence. Our interactions go back to the Mayo brothers as attested to by a gold medal awarded Will Mayo by the King of Sweden years ago. Today at least 38 separate research topics are being explored by joint science teams from the two organizations and at least that many prospective projects are being discussed.

Karolinska posted a nice write up on their website about this is the English version.

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