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June 17, 2015

What is Discovery Square?

By Robert Nellis

20150616_103248That question is coming up here at BIO 2015 in Philadelphia. People have heard about Destination Medical Center, the long range economic development initiative underway in Rochester, MN. But at the center of the futuristic images on the TV screens here, is the picture of Discovery Square. It's more than an artist's conception says Jamie Rothe, who is representing DMC at this international conference.

"It's both a physical location in the middle of Rochester and a virtual location," she explained. "Some of the visioning is still going on and we will have a pretty clear idea at the end of this year, but it's going to reflect the integration of science, technology, health care delivery and -- most importantly, patients." Clearly there will be a modernistic, almost sci-fi setting for this centerpiece. It will be part business development, scientific partnering, and educational center - with "collaboration" the underscored theme. Ms. Rothe, who is meeting a range of organizations here along with Rochester Mayo Ardell Brede and members of Rochester Area Economic Development Inc., says the experience of Discovery Square will leave visitors with a clear understanding of what it's like to be immersed in an integrated medical center that conducts world class research and makes the patient the focus of it all. It will also be a place where research leaders from around the globe can come to get to know this part of Minnesota and the exciting innovations happening here. "You know what it's like to experience the atmosphere of Silicon Valley," she says. "Discovery Square will offer something similar, but unlike anything in the field of medicine. The vision is to create new opportunities for advancing patient care. It also will be like coming to Mayo Clinic -- a truly unique experience."

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