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June 7, 2016

Mayo Talks Research at BIO Conference

By Robert Nellis
The Minnesota Pavilion at BIO 2016

The Minnesota Pavilion at BIO 2016

From Taiwan to Texas, anyone who has anything to do with biosciences is here in San Francisco to hear speakers, attend education sessions, but mostly to network and make contacts for business and research. Mayo Clinic is here along with Destination Medical Center in Minnesota to talk about our research activities and make a major announcement later today. Mayo's research centers are represented in the Minnesota Pavilion at the conference and by several of our scientists and leaders.

We are spreading the word about Mayo being the NIH’s pick for the national biobank . It was announced just before Memorial Day and not many people noticed. It means Mayo will be handling the biobank storage for the government’s Precision Medicine Initiative. Biobanking is essential for research in medical genomics and advancing the future of medicine in the United States. The award comes with a $142 million grant over five years to build and maintain the space and freezer systems to store 35 million samples representing over 1 million research participants. In the words of Mayo Clinic Biobank director Steve Thibodeau, “This is a big deal.”

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