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June 16, 2016

Rochester Epidemiology Project (REP) – 50 Years and Still Going Strong

By Elizabeth Zimmermann

REP-Magnet no gridlinesIt has been 50 years since Leonard Kurland, M.D., successfully obtained funding from the National Institutes of Health to start the regional collaboration and medical records-linkage system known as the Rochester Epidemiology Project (REP).

This unique national resource was made possible because of the collegial relations of the health care providers in Rochester, Minnesota, at the time. The initial medical records and the data sharing and data mining capabilities were established by the Mayo brothers as part of their pioneering idea of a group practice and their shared education mindset. Henry Plummer, M.D., Mabel Root, and Joseph Berkson, M.D., icons of Mayo Clinic history, led the development of indexable, shareable medical records that could be used both for the care of patients and for research.

In 1966, Olmsted Medical Center and Mayo Clinic formed a collaboration, and between the two groups and other smaller local providers, the REP was born.

Over the next months, we’ll share stories from the REP – advances in medical understanding that have informed and changed practice regionally, nationally, and worldwide. To learn more, visit the REP website. You may also read more about the history of the Rochester Epidemiology Project in this 2012 Mayo Clinic Proceedings article and this 2015 Discovery’s Edge article.

If you're near Rochester, vist the REP booth at Thursdays on First and 3rd June 16, 23, or 30.


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