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July 25, 2017

New findings from Nursing Research

By Elizabeth Zimmermann

Everyone knows what nurses do – they care for patients, right?

While providing the best possible patient care is foremost on nurses’ minds at Mayo Clinic (and really, that of all our health care providers), nurses hold all sorts of roles. And some nurses are “doctors,” of the Ph.D. variety.

Linda L. Chlan, Ph.D., R.N., is the associate dean for nursing research at Mayo Clinic, in Rochester, Minnesota.

These nurse scientists form the core of Mayo’s Division of Nursing Research, led by Linda Chlan, R.N., Ph.D., associate dean for Nursing Research. In nursing, research answers important and puzzling clinical questions. Nursing researchers seek to identify and improve strategies and interventions that best  address patients' needs. Knowledge from nursing research studies informs and guides nursing practice.

One recent study, led by Dr. Chlan, showed that anxiety can be reduced among ICU patients by enabling them to self-administer their own sedative medication. This study was published in the American Journal of Critical Care, and received extra attention across the health care community due to a news release issued by the journal.

Patient-administered sedative medication—just one of a wide range of topics for which Dr. Chlan and her colleagues are building the evidence base to improve patient experience, outcomes and costs.


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