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January 25, 2018

Happy New Year!

By Elizabeth Zimmermann

It's been a few weeks since 2018 started, and you may have thought you were done celebrating. If you've had your fill of holiday food and frivolity, maybe you're looking for something else to tickle your fancy.

If so, perhaps some of the new happenings from Mayo Clinic research and research education may be just the thing. Help us celebrate the new year by checking out a few new and updated research sites:


The Department of Immunology at Mayo Clinic studies the body's immune response to develop treatments for immunological diseases and create immune-based prevention therapies. It is the oldest free-standing immunology department in the country, and has amassed a substantial list of accomplishments in its more than 40 year history.

This department includes several laboratories on Mayo Clinic's campuses in Rochester, Minnesota, and Arizona; and leads several graduate, post-graduate and undergraduate education opportunities.

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Led by Iftikhar J. Kullo, M.D., this lab is working on understanding what heredity has to do with atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases (more commonly known as 'hardening of the arteries'), and finding ways to prevent or treat it.

He and his team also conduct research on a related set of conditions: lipid disorders, which cause abnormally high levels of cholesterol.

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Using advanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques, Richard L. Ehman, M.D., and his research team are seeking to expand our ability to noninvasively evaluate tissues, organs and body systems. Their work has lead to the first proven clinical application of magnetic resonance elastography (MRE): the ability to diagnosis liver fibrosis. Among other research, they are also using this technology to assess brain tumors and neurodegenerative diseases.

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Happy New Year!


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