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November 5, 2018

Early-phase Cancer Clinical Trials (Phase I) Available at Mayo Clinic

By Nicole Ferrara

The Early Cancer Therapeutics Group at Mayo Clinic offers patients whose cancers haven't responded to standard chemotherapy or other treatments the opportunity to join an early-phase clinical trial of a potential new treatment.

Early-phase clinical trials (phase I) determine safe dosage levels and safe methods of treatment delivery. A phase I clinical trial might be the first time a cancer drug or treatment is used in people. These clinical trials offer investigational cancer solutions for cancer therapy resistance — trials for patients whose cancers haven't responded to standard treatments.

The Early Cancer Therapeutics Group provides access to the most current phase I trials available from Mayo Clinic researchers, pharmaceutical companies and the National Cancer Institute. Phase I clinical trials are available at all three Mayo Clinic campuses in Arizona, Florida and Minnesota.

The Early Cancer Therapeutics Group website provides information for patients interested in participating in Mayo Clinic's early-phase clinical trials (phase I).

Mayo Clinic has a new website through which patients and referring providers can learn about its early-phase clinical trials for cancer. The website provides an overview of services offered by the Early Cancer Therapeutics Group, including details on who can be seen, what patients can expect from a visit to Mayo Clinic, and a list of current Early Cancer Therapeutics clinical trials.

For more information on trials available through the Early Cancer Therapeutics Group, or to refer a patient, please contact the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center Clinical Trials Referral Office at 855-776-0015 (toll-free).

Learn more about cancer clinical trials at Mayo Clinic.

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