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December 24, 2018

Our gift to you this holiday season

By Sara Tiner

Your holiday gift list may include model planes or model rockets, but I hope it also includes the Mayo Model of Research.

Haven’t you heard of it? It isn’t new but it is pretty amazing.

It’s based around Mayo’s core value, the needs of the patient come first, as that value applies to research.  Right out of the box it allows you to see how Mayo transforms medicine.

It comes with:

  • People (+3,800!) – Teams of both scientists and clinicians who work together to solve patients’ most serious complex and rare conditions.
  • Blue Glue (lots, figuratively) – A focus on collaboration is the glue binding these teams together so working as a team just comes naturally.

With the people and the glue, and the focus on the patient, you can make:

You can read more about it in this brochure.

With this model, Mayo has made progress in studies that use electrical stimulation to address paralysis and investigate stem cells for use in medical care. It supports the NIH All of Us Research Program aimed at advancing individualized care, helps understand disease where it starts at the level of the cell, and examine the role of senescent cells in aging and diseases of aging.

If you are a human who ages, or one who would like to see better treatments for disease, consider adding the Mayo Model of Research to your gift list today.

It’s an easy one to give: Tell someone you love how research at Mayo is helping save lives, or share stories about Mayo Clinic research that you find on this blog, Discovery’s Edge or other Mayo Clinic sources like Facebook or Twitter. That's it. A share here, a retweet there and you're done.

It could help someone in your social network now, and it will help patients in the future.

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