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November 18, 2019

Well Living Lab study shows daylight and window views improve cognitive performance for office workers

By Advancing the Science contributor

A new study from the Well Living Lab, a Delos and Mayo Clinic collaboration, has been published as open source in Building and Environment.

The study showed that window access to daylight and view in offices improves cognitive performance and satisfaction and that eyestrain and glare can be mitigated with the use of modern shading techniques such as dynamically tinted windows and mesh shades. It builds on prior research from others showing that access to daylight and outside views reduces stress, improves mood and lowers absenteeism from work, and even that employees make fewer mistakes. Learn more in the news release.

The Well Living Lab studies the relationship between indoor environments and human health and well-being. Its three-year research plan focuses on research to understand how to make homes and offices healthier, enhance human performance, reduce stress and increase resiliency, optimize sleep and increase comfort.

To learn more, visit the Well Living Lab website.


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