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December 29, 2022

Top 10 (ish) posts of 2022

By Elizabeth Zimmermann

As we count down to 2023, the time is right to recap some of the hot topics of the last year. Spots 9 and 10 were occupied by three stories, so we went with the top 11. If you're short on time as well as conversation starters, these articles could provide just the thing you need to successfully navigate new year holiday parties and other gatherings.

Coming in at 9 ... 10 ... 11, a little bit of history, and some findings that may improve outcomes for people with asthma or new onset AFib.

Number 8 talks about how your DNA can be used to personalize your care.

It will take guts to discuss Number 7, some may want to skip to Number 6, and spend some time renewing their understanding of rare diseases. Or perhaps learning about how RENEW is helping those who are trying to reach a definitive diagnosis.

New Year's Eve parties would not be complete without some predictions, so Numbers 5 and 4 should serve you well.

If you're making New Year's resolutions, the idea of "Well Care" might be right up your alley. It's also likely that someone will be interested in what you can tell them about the dangers of being born in rural America and one way Mayo is caring for our newest, and smallest, patients.

And in the Number 1 spot, as the most read 2022 post on Advancing the Science, COVID-19 took center stage.

Hospitals, biomedical researchers and academic medical centers have learned a lot in the last three years. Every bit of knowledge contributes to Mayo's ability to provide high-quality care to each patient every day.

As 2022 grows to a close, many wonder if the COVID-19 pandemic is a chapter of our lives we can put behind us. Unfortunately, as a recent blog post from Harvard Health explains, it's not simple to determine when a pandemic is 'over,' be it for a community, a nation or the world. Instead of focusing on that rather nebulous concept, now might be a good time to examine the evidence collected to date, and move into the new year with a new resolve to do what you can to be healthy and build and advance healthy communities.

May 2023 bring you joy, peace, health and contentment.


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