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January 16th, 2018

Genetic tests + coordinated care + research = hope for patients with a genetic neurological disease

By Susan Buckles susanbuckles

  Life with an inherited disease sometimes brings unexpected twists and turns. Five-year-old Gus Erickson has navigated the gyrations with the help of Mayo Clinic’s Neurofibromatosis Clinic. Neurofibromatosis (NF) is a genetic disorder that causes tumors to form on nerve tissue. Those tumors can develop anywhere in the nervous system, including the brain, spinal cord […]

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Tags: Dr. Dusica Babovic, Genomic testing, Inherited diseases, neurofibromatosis, Neurofibromatosis Clinic, NF, NF Champion, Schwannomatosis

January 4th, 2018

Gerstner Awardees explore individualized treatments for obesity, rare form of leukemia

By Susan Buckles susanbuckles

By Sharon Rosen Precision medicine research has shown that one size does not fit all when it comes to medical care. Early career investigators can bring new ideas and perspectives to the search for treatments tailored to a patient’s unique needs. These are the goals of Andres Acosta, M.D., Ph.D., and Mrinal Patnaik, M.B.B.S. – […]

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Tags: blood cancers, Dr. Andres Acota, Dr. Mrinal Patnaik, leukemia, Mayo Clinic Center for Indivdiualized Medicine, obesity, research

December 28th, 2017

Genetic testing for earlier diagnosis and treatment of rheumatoid arthritis

By Susan Buckles susanbuckles

By Sharon Rosen If you are one of the estimated 1.5 million Americans who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, you know about the painful, swollen and stiff joints that are common symptoms of this chronic inflammatory disorder. Mayo Clinic has been a leader in discovering biomarkers – indicators of health and disease – that link rheumatoid […]

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Tags: Dr. Eric Matteson, genetics, Mayo Clinic Center for Indivdiualized Medicine, Mayo Clinic Proceedings, RA, rheumatoid arthritis

December 7th, 2017

Liquid biopsies: detecting and treating cancer sooner

By Susan Buckles susanbuckles

By Sharon Rosen What if a blood test could discover cancer before a tumor first appears or before the first signs of cancer recurrence are seen by a radiology study? In fact, these types of blood tests, often called liquid biopsies, are already changing clinical care for patients with cancer. Researchers and physicians in Mayo […]

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Tags: cancer treatment, Cell free DNA testing, DNA testing, Dr. Minetta Liu, genomics, Liquid biopsy, Mayo Clinic Center for Individualized Medicine

November 2nd, 2017

Targeting a Molecular Abnormality

By Nicole Brudos Ferrara nicoleferrara

Microsatellite instability (MSI) might sound like something a NASA engineer would study. But it’s actually a molecular abnormality found in 15 percent of colorectal cancers, explains Mayo Clinic medical oncologist and gastroenterologist Frank A. Sinicrope, M.D., who is testing an immunotherapy drug that could help patients with this subtype of colorectal cancer. Just recently, researchers […]

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Tags: Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology, biomarkers, clinical trial, colorectal cancer, Forefront, Frank Sinicrope, Mayo Clinic Cancer Center, microsatellite instability, molecular abnormality, MSI, research, stage III

September 28th, 2017

Bridge to Liver Regeneration: Scott Nyberg, M.D., Ph.D.

By Jennifer Schutz jenniferschutz

The research of Scott Nyberg, M.D., Ph.D., Mayo Clinic liver transplant surgeon and biomedical engineer, is focusedon the development of a multidisciplinary bioartificial liver to improve the treatment of patients with liver failure. The bioartificial liver is an important supportive therapy to bridge patients in liver failure to liver transplantation, or to avoid liver transplantation when […]

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Tags: artificial liver, Center for Regenerative Medicine, M.D., Ph.D., Regenerative Medicine Minnesota, Scott Nybert, stem cells

September 12th, 2017

Mayo Clinic researchers review the clinical potential of senolytic drugs on aging

By Megan Forliti mforliti

Researchers are moving closer to realizing the clinical potential of drugs that have previously been shown to support healthy aging in animals. In a review article published online in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, Mayo Clinic aging experts say that, if proven to be effective and safe in humans, these drugs could be “transformative” […]

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Tags: aging, Dr. James Kirkland, healthy aging, Kogod Center on Aging, medical research, Minnesota News Releases, News Releases, senescent cells, senolytic drugs

August 22nd, 2017

Three genetic tests to improve prenatal screening

By Susan Buckles susanbuckles

Article by Sharon Rosen New genomic technology is reshaping perinatal screening, which is testing before and during pregnancy to assess the health of a baby. Now pregnant women can have their baby initially screened for genetic disorders, such as Down syndrome, through the use of a newer blood test that evaluates DNA from the placenta […]

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Tags: Cell free DNA testing, DNA testing, Dr. Myra Wick, expanded carrier screening, genetic counseling, Genetic testing, Prenatal screening, Prenatal testing, Whole exome sequencing

August 8th, 2017

Proposed research agenda–Address disparities for young thyroid cancer patients

By meghanknoedler meghanknoedler

In 2013, the television show host from HGTV’s Flip or Flop, Tarek El Moussa, received a concerned email from a fan of the show. The email came from an experienced registered nurse to tell him that while watching the show she noticed a lump in the front of his throat and was extremely concerned the […]

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Tags: Brito Campana, J.P. Brito Campana, thyroid cancer

July 20th, 2017

Obesity: an individualized approach doubles the success rate of weight loss therapy

By Susan Buckles susanbuckles

Article by Sharon Rosen Many people think if they just stick to a diet and exercise, they’ll lose weight; unfortunately, many are not successful. They wonder why they can’t lose weight even after trying many different diets, work out programs and medications. According to Andres Acosta, M.D., Ph.D., the answers, at least partially, may be […]

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Tags: #Dr. Andres Acosta, #Losing weight, #Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program, Center for Individualized Medicine, Diets, obesity

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