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I am very disappointed in no mention of research in vaccine therapy. Mayo hit the papers big in the use of a measles vaccine in an end stage cancer and then quiet? I feel certain shortly a breast cancer vaccine will be introduced. This of course will put a lot of people out of business. The reason the polio vaccine was so affective so quickly is there was no expensive treatments in place. After contracting the Valley fever organism, coccidioides, two people I encountered received lymphoma cures. Might be a place to start research. Since high fevers have long been known to leave cancer patients cured, how about the organism?

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Thank you for reading Advancing the Science. As you might imagine, we are unable to recount in this forum everything we are working on with respect to pancreatic cancer, but this article may give you a bit of insight.

As you mentioned, we are researching vaccines/vector-delivered viruses for the treatment of a variety of cancers. This video tells a bit more about that work:

For more information on more of the medical research being conducted at Mayo Clinic, please visit the website

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