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Apr 4, 2018 · Mayo scientists discover missing link in DNA damage repair

Wow, that is fantastic job as for me) I think Mayo's scientists are really talented and maybe results of their work may save millions people. As I know, DNA damage may increase so many illnesses and diseases we even can't imagine ( I also have written thousands of different articles on this theme for service) and I can totally say – you won't know what to expect) on this theme there are also a great film, called "Wonder". I won't tell you the plot, it is better to watch it, but I am sure you will make many new desicions after reading it

Mar 23, 2018 · Mayo researchers identify characteristics of colon polyps most likely to progress to cancer

Cancer is so common nowadays, so it is really possible to get cancer even in a young age. What can i say – we all are in great danger, so we need to take our hands on pulse and control this. My friend from work found cancer on the 1 stage and it saved her life. So it is better to visit doctor once in 6 month) Be healthy)

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