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Jul 1, 2019 · Researchers look at possible link between low vitamin B12 and Parkinson's symptoms

My father has PD and doctors through the Neuro Dept here at Mayo. The trial study that may occur, is this something that would be communicated to PD patients at Mayo, to be a part of the study? Should he consider purchasing Vitamin B12 over the counter? I don't believe his B12 levels have ever been checked at Mayo, and if they have, we have not been informed if they are low or not. Is this something that we should reach out to his provider about? Thank you for the information.

Editor’s Note: Hi @deannem,

Thank you for reading Advancing the Science. Unfortunately, we cannot diagnose conditions, provide second opinions or make specific treatment recommendations through this correspondence. These are all questions best addressed with your father's physician.

You can find out more about Parkinson's disease related clinical trials at Mayo Clinic here:

You can find a full listing of clinical trials related to Parkinson's disease that are not yet open or are currently recruiting at Mayo Clinic and other locations here: ( sorted for PD).

We wish the best possible outcomes for your father.

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