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June 28th, 2017

Underused cancer test could improve treatment for thousands, Mayo Clinic study finds

By Adam Harringa harringaadam

With colon cancer, some earlier stage patients fare worse than some later stage patients, who usually benefit most from chemotherapy. But a research team at Mayo Clinic has discovered that a simple blood test could help determine which patients are at a higher risk and therefore could benefit from therapy. The researchers also found many patients who could benefit from the test likely aren’t receiving it.

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Tags: blood test, cancer, cancer staging, carcinoembryonic antigen, CEA, chemotherapy, colon cancer, Dr. Blake Spindler, Dr. David Larson, Dr. Elizabeth Habermann, Dr. Kellie Mathis, Kern Center

December 29th, 2016

Drug combo stems tumor growth in lung cancer

By Nicole Brudos Ferrara nicoleferrara

Researchers on Mayo Clinic’s campus in Jacksonville, Florida, have shut down one of the most common and lethal forms of lung cancer by combining the rheumatoid arthritis drug auranofin with an experimental targeted agent. The combination therapy worked in a laboratory study to stop lung adenocarcinoma associated with mutation of the KRAS gene. The study […]

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Tags: Alan Fields, auranofin, cancer stem cells, chemotherapy, Florida, Forefront, KRAS gene, lung cancer, PKCiota

May 26th, 2010

Stage II Colon Cancer – Some can avoid chemo


This is one of those good stories about modern technology helping support the Hippocratic Oath — first, do no harm. In this case, how to avoid a painful treatment when possible. Mayo researchers have found that a subset of patients with stage II colon cancer don’t benefit from standard chemotherapy. They do well with just […]

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Tags: chemotherapy, colon cancer, individualized Medicine, MMR

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