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May 15th, 2013

Mayo Research Adds "New Chapter" to National Geographic's Everest


Our friend, the veteran mountaineer Conrad Anker, is the author of the latest National Geographic  book on Mount Everest, covering the earliest days of attempted assaults on the peak to the latest climbs including the expedition that included Mayo Clinic’s research team. One of the chapters in The Call of Everest is penned by the […]

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Tags: Bruce Johnson, Mount Everest, National Geographic, physiology, remote monitoring

May 8th, 2012

Monitoring Climbers could help detect medical trends via devices


Followers of this Everest blog are now familiar with our team, including Dr. Amine Issa. One of his jobs on the expedition was to work with the monitoring devices on the climbers. Before he left for Nepal, he recorded the chalk talk below for us to explain what they would be looking for in the […]

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Tags: altitude research, altitude sickness, biotechnology, heart diseae, Mayo Clinic, Mount Everest, remote monitoring

March 17th, 2012

Mayo Clinic Heading to Mount Everest


Mayo Clinic will be sending five scientists to monitor a team of climbers attempting to scale Mount Everest this spring. The goal is to learn more about the physiology of humans at high altitude in order to help patients with heart conditions and other ailments. Mayo’s team is headed by Bruce Johnson, Ph.D., a veteran […]

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Tags: altitude research, altitude sickness, cardiology, Mayo, Mayo Clinic, Mayo Clinic News Network, Mayo Clinic research, Mount Everest, National Geographic, physiology, pulmonary edema, remote monitoring

January 11th, 2010

Mayo’s Argentine Research Expedition


It’s extreme science about extreme athletes and explorers. People who climb mountains – or run up them – provide a great example of what the human body can do. Understanding their physiology in unusual environments will help researchers to understand better how the body works when it’s under the stress of disease and illness. Cardiology researcher […]

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Tags: cardiology, Diane Van Deren, extreme athletes, long distance running, physiology, remote monitoring

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