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November 8th, 2016

Becoming a Biomedical Scientist

By Bob Nellis bobnellis

“I have to tell you that the sheer intellectual joy of finding out how life works is really cool.”         – the late Susan Lindquist, Ph.D., pioneering genetic scientist This last line from Dr. Lindquist’s obituary in the Sunday New York Times struck me as a timeless statement of enthusiasm and dedication. Dr. Lindquist […]

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December 9th, 2014

nuSURF Students Best Advocates for Science

By Bob Nellis bobnellis

Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships are awarded every year to deserving students who are interested in exploring specific topics in research. The goal, in addition to learning alongside professional medical researchers, is to determine if the students are truly interested in persuing research as a career. The students do everything a scientist does, including presenting findings […]

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Tags: Mayo Clinic, research, science education, Summer Undergraduate Research Fellows, SURF

April 23rd, 2013

Minnesota High Schooler in Science Finals – BIO 2013


CHICAGO — The next generation of scientists from Minnesota and the rest of the nation are making themselves known. The Biotechnology Institute has sponsored another international competition for high school scientists here at BIO 2013 and Minnesota’s finalist is Rena Weis from New Prague High School. She did her research on the impact of biochar […]

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Tags: awards, BIO 2013, Mayo Clinic, New Prague, science education

May 28th, 2012

The Why of Researching on Everest


Dr. Bruce Johnson explains about researching in extreme environments: Our research laboratory has a long history of studying the limits of human performance and human adaptation in extreme environments. This has a number of practical applications, such as the deployment of troops to these environments (like Afghanistan – cold, high and dry) or workers that […]

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Tags: altitude research, Mayo Clinic, Mount Everest, National Geographic, physiology, research education, science education, The North Face

February 24th, 2011

Zebrafish Team Makes Splash at White House


This is one of those stories where the text is almost superfluous. We’ve mentioned previously that the group called InSciEd Out, which launched a zebrafish-based genomics curriculum in a Rochester middle school, was headed for Washington to present seven posters at the annual meeting of the AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science). While […]

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Tags: curriculum, Mayo Clinic, Obama, Rochester Public Schools, science education, White House, zebrafish

January 11th, 2011

Rochester Principal Wins Award for Zebrafish Classes


Next month principal Jim Sonju from Lincoln Choice School in Rochester will be honored at the Minnesota Science Museum in St. Paul. Working with Mayo researchers, he instituted hands-on science and a concept that translated into other subject areas as well. Read about it in the Post Bulletin. One of the people he worked with at […]

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Tags: genetics, medical genetics, science education, zebrafish

September 17th, 2009

Fall Issue – Discovery's Edge


Four new features plus, from Mayo’s research magazine: Data Mining to Redesign Critical Care Services Using informatics, epidemiology, systems engineering and in-depth medical-record studies, this groundbreaking work is improving patient safety in ICUs and significantly cutting the cost of health care. It’s all part of Mayo’s continuing innovation in the Science of Health Care Delivery.  […]

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Tags: brain cancer, diabetes, Discovery's Edge, genetics, genomics, heart disease, intensive care, medical research, science education, stem cells, zebrafish

August 3rd, 2009

Putting Zebrafish in the Classroom

By Elizabeth Zimmermann Young elizabethzimmermann

Although the science proficiency scores are going up in Minnesota (read story in Star Tribune), 46% proficiency doesn’t seem to be hitting the mark. In a state with so many renowned scientific institutions – 3M, Boston Scientific, IBM, Mayo Clinic, Medtronic, Seagate, University of Minnesota and more; there is a plethora of opportunities to engage […]

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Tags: community outreach, Lincoln K-8, Mayo Clinic, Minnesota, science education, zebrafish

July 10th, 2009

The Public and Science


We’ve lived through the “Generation Gap” and the “Missile Gap” (which wasn’t real). Now many think we are in what could be called the “Science Gap.” A spanking new study by the Pew Research Center and AAAS shows Americans understand less about current science (only about half know that stem cells differentiate into other kinds of […]

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Tags: public opinion, Science, science education

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